With above 22% cell efficiency demonstrated today on production scale materials and validated by Sandia National Labs with proven headroom to reach 24% cell efficiency.Silevo’s Triex technology has already crossed the 20% conversion efficiency threshold with significant headroom to garner continued improvements in the future.  By leveraging tunneling oxide techniques from the semiconductor industry, Silevo has developed a proprietary device architecture which improves cell defect or interface trap density (Dit), thus increasing voltage as a cost effective means to raise cell efficiency.  Currently the Silevo R&D center has demonstrated greater than 22.1% conversion efficiency on full-size substrates and production based materials.  Expectation is that further improvements and optimization can be made to realize 24% conversion efficiency in volume production in the next few years.

Lowering Balance of System Cost

Silevo’s high efficiency modules dramatically lower overall PV system or balance of system (BOS) costs by decreasing unfixed costs that scale with the size of the implementation. Because less modules are needed for the same power output, less land, labor, mounting structures, wiring and support racks are also required, saving an estimate of 10 cents a watt for every point of efficiency gained. In order to truly enable grid parity it is essential that we drive cost reduction in all aspects of a PV system.  High efficiency is an absolute requirement in order to drive BOS costs to thresholds where we create a sustainable market for PV energy generation.