Triex Modules

Silevo packages tunneling junction type Triex cells with industry-standard module techniques, utilizing EVA, backsheet and glass lamination practices, which have been used by existing c-Si technology companies for more than 20 years. Silevo is partnering with entities and manufacturers with extensive experience in packaging highly reliable, quality c-Si-based modules, ensuring the reliability of the Triex modules.  Silevo Triex modules have passed all IEC/UL environmental tests such as damp heat, thermal cycling and humidity freeze.

Triex R-Series Modules

With efficiencies of up to 18.4%, light in weigth, and an aesthetic black appearance, the R-Series modules are designed to meet the requirements of the rooftop marketplace.   R-Series modules for customer qualification are shipping from today’s Fremont, CA pilot manufacturing line.

Triex U-Series Modules

The U-Series module line with power output of greater than 300W at a module area of  only 1.69m2 is well suited to meet the requirements of larger installations both in the utility as well as larger commercial rooftop segments.

Data sheet

Triex R-Series Modules – Rooftop Segment

Silevo Triex R Q4’14

Data sheet

Triex U-Series Modules – Large Scale Segment

Silevo Triex U Q4’14

Data sheet

Triex Sleek Black Modules

Silevo Triex Sleek Black Q214



Triex Modules


UL 1703 Compliance

CSA U.S. & Canada Certificate


IEC 61215 & 61730

TUV SUD IEC – R-Series

TUV SUD IEC – U-Series


PV Cycle

Silevo PV Cycle