Utility-Scale Installations

Silevo’s Triex modules are optimally suited for utility-scale solar installations, such as solar farms, bringing the Triex three pillars of value to this groundbreaking market segment. 

Applications Utility-Scale

Utility Scale Solar Farm

High efficiency, low temperature coefficients and low costs are required to drive the absolute lowest system costs for utility-scale installations, ranging in size from 1MW – 100MW, and Silevo’s Triex modules are set to yield these imperative benefits to utility-scale installations.

Solar industry customers recognize that innovation is key to continuing improvements and breakthroughs in solar energy adoption, and Silevo is actively engaged with various entities from EPCs, third-party panel validators, and leading installers and developers on installations and subsequent data to enable adoption in this broader market segment in the years to come.

As well Silevo’s Triex modules’ high efficiency performance makes them an optimal solution for single- and multi-axis trackers, which can enable additional energy harvest benefits for utility-scale installations.  The Triex cell’s low temperature coefficients and unique copper metallization scheme make it a value-added solution for the various Low Concentration PV (LCPV) approaches planned for utility solar farms. Silevo partners are currently evaluating LCPV solutions to leverage the value of Triex modules in future solar farms.