Silevo is enabling rapid and sustainable innovation through strategic and economical global operations. The company combines the skills of the innovative solar and semiconductor talent in its Silicon Valley corporate headquarters and R&D center with an experienced manufacturing operations employee base in Asia to deliver the most high-performance, low-cost commercial product that drives solar towards grid parity.

US Headquarters

With corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley, Silevo has drawn on the best talent of solar and semiconductor innovators to build a stellar experienced management team and advanced R&D center where scientists are working on advancement of the Triex cell technology to 24% conversion efficiency.

Its Fremont, California offices are also home to the company’s pilot line manufacturing operations where 21% efficiency cells are currently being produced and transferred in technology and module process bundles to its Hangzhou High Volume Manufacturing (HVM) production facility. With a strategy of stringently protecting IP and rapidly advancing technology at its US headquarters , Silevo’s R&D center develops innovations generations ahead of high-volume manufacturing and has transferred 21% and higher cell efficiency processes and know-how to its Hangzhou HVM production facility in 2012.

Silevo Street View

Fremont, California – U.S. Corporate Headquarters, Research & Development Center, Pilot Line Manufacturing Operation


Locating Silevo’s high-volume manufacturing  (HVM) operations in Hangzhou, China provides a low cost manufacturing facility while attracting talent with ties to the semiconductor and solar industries from highly-rated Chinese technology companies and  local universities in one of the top tourist destination coastal towns in China.

Through strategic investment and partnership with the local Hangzhou municipal government, Silevo has built a 32 MW production line facility in the Xiaoshan Technology Park. The facility will accommodate five additional production lines to bring total capacity to 230MW. The government has also granted enough land to enable up to 500MW of production at this site.

The HVM facility and strong operations team leverages the company’s semiconductor factory know-how, focusing on automation and manufacturing engineering software solutions that enable repeatable, high quality manufacturing, to produce an optimal commercial product.

Hangzhou, China HVM Facility