Silevo History

Silevo is a solar cell innovator and photovoltaic (PV) solar module manufacturer that has evolved the use of silicon for solar to offer cost-effective high performance solar modules. The company was founded on the principal that an evolutionary silicon solar cell technology can enable rapid acceleration of grid parity and widespread solar adoption.


Silevo brings together a strong team of innovators, disciplined semiconductor and solar factory operations talent, business executives, inventors and scientists with proven track records ramping products and revenues from the ground floor into billion dollar product lines and enterprises.


Silevo is enabling rapid and sustainable innovation through strategic and economical global operations. The company combines the skills of the innovative solar and semiconductor talent in its Silicon Valley corporate headquarters and R&D center with an experienced manufacturing operations employee base in Asia to deliver the most high-performance, low-cost commercial product that drives solar towards grid parity.


Silevo continues to expand its employee base with experienced and entrepreneurial talent dedicated to innovating solar in order to reach grid parity. Contact us for more information on positions being added to Technology, Engineering, and Sales & Marketing departments in our U.S. Headquarters and available roles in the Operations, Supply Chain, Reliability and Sales departments of our Hangzhou, China factory as well as upcoming North American production facility.


Current Openings:

Position: Director of Supply Chain Management

Location: North America

Brief Description:  The Director of Supply Chain Management will be responsible for developing a world-class North American Supply chain to support Silevo’s Capacity Expansion plans.  Experience with PV Materials including Process Gases, Chemistries, and PV module materials such as Glass, EVA encapsulates, Backsheets, Junction Boxes and Frames is highly preferred.  

Position: Head of Automation Engineering

Location: Fremont, CA

Brief Description:  Engineering Management Lead for the development of Silevo’s next generation automated factory.  Experience in automation mechanical & electrical engineering, control systems and integration with MES system capabilities.   Strong project management skills required.

Position: Factory Engineering – Multiple positions

Location: Fremont, CA

Brief Description:  Silevo is currently looking for engineering resources that can assist with upcoming factory expansion plans and help develop next generation state of the art factory equipment sets.  Prefer strong competencies in equipment & factory automation, factory lay-out, and development with unit process manufacturing equipment.

Position: Sales Manager

Location: North America, CA

Brief Description:  Sales Manager will be responsible to grow customer engagement leading bookings and billings and increased marketshare.  Prefer candidates who have previous sales experience in photovoltaic modules.